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Welcome! If you are interested in supporting the orphaned children as a regular sponsor please follow this link to DONATE NOW!  Please check out our affiliated NGOs for more information about their work and contribution to the betterment of orphans and families lives.


Islamic Relief Canada believes in protecting and fulfilling childrens’ rights; the support of donors provides the security and basic needs that a child needs to develop and flourish. Unfortunately, Due to medical conditions, disability, war or extreme poverty there are thousands of mature orphans who still experience debilitating circumstances and are desperately in need of support. Donor support provides them with the financial means to achieve their goals and attain a better future.IR Canada has helped support over 60,000 orphans around the world. To check out more of their amazing work, feel free to visit this link!

SOS Children’s Villages is the largest charity working with orphaned and abandoned children. SOS offers orphaned and abandoned children a family and a loving home with a mother to care for and support them in a safe environment where their needs for food, health and shelter are met. SOS Children’s Villages also keeps families together through skills training and community development to ensure self sufficiency and prevent child abandonment.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, donating, getting involved with the organization as volunteer, participating in events, or just want to learn more about the SOS children’s villages’ amazing work, feel free to visit this website!